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Should I hire someone for tree stump removal?

Do I need stump removal? You don’t NEED stump removal, it’s like elective surgery. Is the stump in your way? Does the sight of it bother you? Would mowing be a breeze and your lawn look much better?

Obvious reasons to have a stump removed:

• Unsightly 
• Mowing nuisance 
• In the way of planting a new tree or flower bed etc.
• Taking up valuable space in your lawn or landscape 
• Safety Hazard--for free and safe movement about your property

Large stump, before....

This stump grinder can grind the base of the tree and major roots. The depth is determined by the operator and the size of the wheel on the machine.

Clarify with your operator how deep they intend to go--below the surface of the ground in not adequate. Grinding to the bottom of the root mass and freeing the root flares is the professional standard. This breaks up the main root system and pieces can be removed by hand.

Large stump, during....

Not so obvious reasons to have stump removal:

• Decay of stump invites pests
• A stump requires decades to decay on it’s own
• Tree may continue to sprout new growth
• Roots extend further than you think
• It really does look a lot better once it has been removed!

Large stump, completed

When not to have a stump ground:

• Foundation or walls are too close
• Underground utilities are too close—
Call or visit National Miss Utility before you dig: dial 811, the new national FCC designated number.
• No access for machine
• Too many rocks—danger of flying debris

Can I remove the stump myself?

Once upon a time, there was a homeowner who asked for a bid on stump removal. “Wow! That much?” he said, “I think I’ll just dig it out myself!”

Six months later, and after riding by his house fifty times (on the way to pick up my son from school), he waves me down and asks for another bid.

By this time, the stump looks twice as big since he has dug a trench around the stump and exposed all the roots. Out of the goodness of my heart I told him the same price even though I now had to negotiate the deep trench with my machinery.

Lesson:  What is your time worth? How sore was his back, and how many Sundays had he given up? I was done in forty five minutes and he gladly gave me a twenty five dollar tip. 

One other option is to rent a small stump grinder from your local machine rental company. Usually the cost is about $250 a day, and you will require a vehicle with a hitch to bring it to your site. Depending on the size and number of stumps, this may or may not be right for you.

Consider the following:

• Do I possess the skills to use this machine? 
• Do I have hearing and eye protection? 
• Have I called Miss Utility? 
• Would it be smarter to hire a professional instead?

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